Meet Amanda Staalsø, the Gravity-Defying Equestrian Vaulter Who’s Taking Over TikTok

Meet Amanda Staalsø, the Gravity-Defying Equestrian Vaulter Who’s Taking Over TikTok

You’ve received a lot of attention on TikTok as of late. What has then been like? What do you enjoy about the platform?

TikTok, what can say?! I started a few months ago after fighting myself about it. I was one of those ‘I’ll never get TikTok as a principle’ people. But hey, I’m only human and now here I am having a TikTok account. In the beginning I definitely struggled and was very insecure about posting because I didn’t know much about this platform. But TikTok provides good sound [effects] and music, which can really boost the vibe of a video. I have learned that it’s not only an app for good dancers alone. Now I find it fun—and most importantly, I found out it was a fantastic way of exposing the fact that my sport exists to even more people. In that matter it’s great with the attention, but also very overwhelming.

You are also a physiotherapist, which is another amazing field. Why are you so passionate about this area of medicine?

I think I got inspired to become a physiotherapist through my sport. I mean, in any sport, you take risks and face challenges if you want to go far, and sometimes you might fall and need help to get back up on track. I have had a lot of physiotherapy myself and I wanted to be able to help people in return, whether it’s athletic, disabled, or elderly people. I love to see the progression that the human body and mind can do. I find physiology very fascinating. It’s amazing to know how “something” we all have works.

What is your current training/competition schedule like at the moment? What events should your followers have on their radar?

Competitions are finally back up, wooo. And up next in my case will be Nordic Championships in July both individual and squad competition. Then, my squad and I have been selected to represent Denmark at the World Championships in August. So yes, it’s about to be exciting!

Lastly, as an individual, athlete, and physiotherapist, how do you want to impact the world?

If I can impact someone in this world in a way that makes it clear to them that they can do whatever it is they want to do, I will be beyond grateful. They’ve just got to believe in themselves even in the hard times, maybe find a mentor and keep working hard, but smart. If just one person realizes that they are worth exactly the same as anybody else, and put aside the differences in circumstances and build upon it to reach their goals, I will be more than thrilled. And lastly, do it for you—not for anybody else.

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