Inside Brittany Xavier’s Dior-Filled Baby Shower

Inside Brittany Xavier’s Dior-Filled Baby Shower

The dress proved a chic choice, one that resonated with Xavier’s online audience. Xavier has shared her evolving style on social media throughout her pregnancy for her followers who are expecting and those just looking for outfit inspiration. “I try to be mindful of both sides,” she says. “I’m still covering fashion in a way that is accessible for me with my pregnancy, but also trying to keep up with new trends and make sure that I’m also a resource for those who aren’t pregnant but are following me.” 

For the last nine months, fans have been able to see the way Xavier has tweaked her wardrobe, adjusting while she’s been expecting her second child and living through the lockdown. “It was a challenge,” she says. “I was so used to wearing my high-waisted pants, trousers, and denim, but then I started showing, and I was thrown off because there weren’t that many cool brands making the fit of the pants I liked in a maternity size. [As a result] I’ve embraced more dresses, which was fun; I think I’ve been in the dress section more during this pregnancy than I have ever before.”

Clothes aren’t the only thing Xavier changed. Being temporarily grounded during lockdown allowed her to experiment with longer-form content, beef up her YouTube presence, and share a different part of herself. “It’s been so much fun for us,” says Xavier. “It’s almost like making a mini-television show. We try to avoid clickbait titles or anything like that, [instead] we focus on what we feel is interesting to our followers. It lets me show a more personal side than I would be able to on Instagram, which is very focused on photos or short stories.”

Naturally, Xavier’s baby shower made its way onto the platform with an in-depth video about her special day and what it’s like to have a bash thrown by Dior that ends with receiving a logo-covered stroller. “That was such a great surprise,” says Xavier. “Maybe it was the hormones, but when I saw the stroller, I felt overwhelmed by the amount of love and support from everyone.” As glamorous as the shower was, the thing Xavier is most excited about is meeting her family’s newest member any day now. “I’m just looking forward to experiencing this all with my husband,” she says. “It’s been so nice to see his excitement and have the support and help of a partner, which I didn’t have before. In that way, this is a wholly new experience and an incredibly fun one too.”

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