‘Bigg Boss OTT’: Raqesh Bapat says THIS about his relationship status with Shamita Shetty – watch

‘Bigg Boss OTT’: Raqesh Bapat says THIS about his relationship status with Shamita Shetty – watch

A group of media persons entered the ‘Bigg Boss OTT’ in the latest episode and brought up past incidents riling up the contestants like never before. While Shamita Shetty, Raqesh Bapat and Neha Bhasin handled the feisty questions with grace, Pratik Sehajpal, Divya Agarwal and Nishant Bhat lost their cool and argued with the journalists.

All the contestants were asked several pinching questions. Shamita was asked about her sour relationship with Divya and why she had a problem with Raqesh hanging out with her. The actress said that trust and loyalty are big things for her and she doesn’t see that in Divya. She said for someone who likes Raqesh, to see him sitting with Divya after a fight, Shamita felt bad. She also said she will not be friends with Agarwal after the show.

When Raqesh was asked about his relationship with Shamita, he said, “we are just friends,” in air quotes. Divya was then asked why does she call Shamita bossy and “ghamandi” when she herself constantly says that she has done three shows prior to ‘Bigg Boss OTT’.

Divya was also called a misogynist during the press conference. This was regarding the incident when she pointed out Neha’s undergarment which was left on the washbasin slab and went around the house talking about it. Not handling the question well, Divya screamed at the journalist and refused to agree with her. She also brought up the incident where Shamita had spoken about Moose Jattana’s dirty clothes. 

Nishant was asked why he thought Neha dominated Pratik when it looked from day one that he had been influencing Moose. Visibly irritated with the question, Nishant said that is not the case and he always let Moose play her own game.

When Pratik was asked about his connection with Neha, he also screamed at the media person as the other housemates tried to calm him. Neha also answered questions about her relationship with Pratik. She shared that she hasn’t spent so much time with anyone in her life apart from her husband, Sameeruddin, not even her mother.

Neha added that she feels immense love and friendship for Pratik without any gender. She, however, said that their friendship would have been different if they were outside the ‘BB OTT’ house. Neha also shared that she feels bad about the questions raised about her and Pratik’s friendship and is worried about how everything is being interpreted as outside the show.

Shamita was questioned about standing up for Neha during Akshara Singh’s “pair kholke ke bathi hair” remark but not supporting Divya when Moose said “Divya har jag muh marti hai” to her. Shetty said she was wrong to not speak up for Divya but since she loves Neha, she jumps to her defence without thinking anything. 

The press conference riled up old fights in the house as Neha and Divya got into a massive fight after. The singer and Nishant also had a split in their friendship.


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