Aurora James Hosts an Intimate Dinner Celebrating the Opening of SaksWorks

Aurora James Hosts an Intimate Dinner Celebrating the Opening of SaksWorks

Following the glamorous chaos of fashion week and the Met gala, last night, a weary but still effortlessly stylish group arrived at the newly opened 10th floor of Saks Fifth Avenue. There Aurora James, along with SaksWorks’ CEO Amy Nelson, offered a more serene soirée. 

Think of SaksWorks as the ultimate co-working space for creatives. This membership-only club is meant to bring people together, cultivate collaboration, and foster community. But, it isn’t as formal as some of the others. The walls are adorned with moss, plants double as room dividers, and the furniture, well, it’s more playful. It isn’t all work, either. Members will have hair and beauty treatments available on site, a mid-afternoon stretch session, courtesy of BDY SQD, and also the option to enjoy a refreshing glass of wine at the bar. And should you need a mid of retail therapy in the middle of your workday, good thing the club is located smackdab in the middle of a department store. 

“We really thought about how we wanted to work and what a workspace should look like following the crazy year we just had,” Gary Esposito, the architect and designer of SaksWorks, told Vogue.

While VIP guests toured the space and eagerly asked about memberships, Champagne flutes and hors d’oeuvres floated between conversations of “What shows did you love last week?” and “Were you at this party? What about this one?” Some tested out the comfy art deco chairs, while others admired the greenroom on site. 

After many photos, the group made their way to the back dining room of L’Avenue at Saks—one floor down. There, guests dined on tuna tartare while sipping on tequila cocktails. An arsenal of beautifully stacked golden french fries came out and sat on each table before the main course of salmon and Thai beef curry arrived. By the speed at which the mountain of French fries eroded, it was clear the guests were not disappointed. 

“I love SaksWorks because it’s an easy place to get away and just think,” the Brother Vellies designer told guests during her speech. “To not only get work done but spend time by myself in a relaxing way.”

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