Hospitalized Czech president to return to work next week

Hospitalized Czech president to return to work next week

Czech President Milos Zeman who was hospitalized this week has undergone medical checks that haven’t revealed any problems or disease that would threaten his life, the presidential office said on Thursday.

Zeman’s office said doctors carried out CT scans sonography checks and blood tests at Prague’s military hospital where the president was admitted Tuesday. It said the president was only dehydrated and slightly exhausted.

During his current hospitalization, Zeman will receive unspecified infusions and will fully return to his duties next week, his office said.

Zeman, 76, is a heavy smoker who has suffered from diabetes and neuropathy linked to it. He has trouble walking and has been using a wheelchair.

His predecessor, Vaclav Klaus, who was in the same hospital to undergo checks after being diagnosed with high blood pressure might be discharged this week, his spokesman said.

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