‘13 Reasons Why’ star Tommy Dorfman reintroduces herself as a trans woman

‘13 Reasons Why’ star Tommy Dorfman reintroduces herself as a trans woman

Tommy Dorfman, who starred as Ryan Shaver in the acclaimed Netflix series ‘13 Reasons Why’, has revealed that she is transgender. The 29-year-old used Instagram to inform her followers about her new pronouns: she/her.

Taking to her Instagram, she wrote, “thrilled to reintroduce myself as the woman i am today. my pronouns are she/her”“Thank you, @time, for this space, @torreyadora for writing this story, and @gizellehernandez for these images.“i’m especially grateful to every single trans person who walked this path, broke down barriers, and risked their lives to live authentically and radically as themselves before me. thank you to all the trans woman that showed me who i am, how to live, celebrate myself, and take up space in this world. Immense love to my day one team who has always supported my evolution in the most affirming of ways” She further taged her maekup and anil artist and also credited the photographer”

Times also took to their Instagram and posted a picture of her with a caption that said @Tommy Dorfman is set to direct an adaptation of Mason Deaver’s “I Wish You All the Best,” is starring this fall in the Channel 4 limited series “Fracture” and has a role in Lena Dunham’s upcoming film “Sharp Stick.” But this work is only one part of Tommy’s public presence, writes Torrey Peters (@torreyadora). Tommy embodies a very modern type of celebrity, one that’s increasingly influential—and increasingly scrutinized. And there’s something that both paparazzi and Tommy’s followers began to notice over the past year or so: a change in Tommy’s style and appearance. People began to speculate what that shift might mean in the comments and on blogs; some of the speculation has been lurid, some tentatively supportive. And yet, for the past year, Tommy has said nothing, acknowledged no change, just continued on—until now. “For a year now, I have been privately identifying and living as a woman—a trans woman,” Dorfman tells Peters. “Coming out is always viewed as this grand reveal, but I was never not out. Today is about clarity: I am a trans woman. My pronouns are she/her. My name is Tommy.”

For the unversed, In the spring of 2019, Dorfman made her New York theatrical debut in The New Group’s production of Jeremy O. Harris’ play ‘Daddy’, directed by Danya Taymor.


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