Rosé Made History With Her First Trip to the Met Gala

Rosé Made History With Her First Trip to the Met Gala

You never forget your Met gala debut, and 2021 saw a host of new attendees grace the Metropolitan Museum of Art. One of the brightest stars to join the fun was K-Pop superstar Rosé. As one-fourth of the record-breaking girl group Blackpink and a solo artist whose album, R, dropped earlier this year, Rosé is pop royalty. Still, even she was nervous while preparing for her first trip to the gala. While getting her hair done, she offered a few tongue-in-cheek predictions about what the night had in store. “My expectation is for me to totally blackout and get nervous and freeze,” she shared with Vogue while getting ready at the Peninsula Hotel. “[Still] I hope that everything is the opposite of that.”

Thankfully, Rosé had nothing to worry about. As a Saint Laurent ambassador, she arrived on the carpet dressed in one of Anthony Vaccarello’s slinky LBDs and a crystalized choker covered in lacquered four-leaf clovers for good luck. Once inside, she mingled with Rihanna and enjoyed the surprise performance from Justin Bieber. “I never knew that I would actually attend one myself,” she says. “It’s almost like Coachella [when they told us] ‘you guys are performing for Coachella,’ and we were like ‘what, we aren’t just going to watch?’” 

It’s an apt comparison. Blackpink was the first female K-pop group to perform at Coachella; Rosé and fellow trailblazer CL became the first K-Pop idols invited to the Met Gala. The milestone was so major, Rosé’s bandmates shared in the excitement. “Lisa called me, and she was like ‘you have to take pictures.’ She was telling me to take pictures of the celebrities, but I don’t think I can do that,” says Rosé with a laugh, not realizing those same stars were likely eager to get a snapshot with her. 

Director: Keenan MacWilliam
DP: Frank Apollonio, Xavi Portillo
Editor: Marina Barham
Supervising Producer: Jordin Rocchi
Producer, On-Set: Shaquille Romblay
AC: Alex Beebe, Tomi Heady
Audio: Dylan Lappin
Filmed on Location: The Peninsula New York
VP, Digital Video Programming and Development: Robert Semmer
Entertainment Director, Vogue: Sergio Kletnoy
Director of Content: Tara Homeri
Showrunner: Lila Benaissa
Production Manager: Emily Yates
Post-Production Manager: Marco Glinbizzi
Production Coordinator: Kit Fogarty

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