At Chapel Bar, You Can Have a Cocktail in the Confessional Booth

At Chapel Bar, You Can Have a Cocktail in the Confessional Booth

It doesn’t just sound cool. It already is. During the New York Fashion Week, Chapel Bar hosted parties for everyone from Peter Do to Gossip Girl cast members Evan Mock, Thomas Doherty, and Eli Brown. “It’s meant to be a discreet place where people can dance without worrying about the wider world outside,” Wyatt says of why, exactly, he thinks it’s already attracting such a high-profile crowd.

An altar acts as a bar, serving avant-garde and aesthetically pleasing cocktails, much of which honors Chapel’s monastic past. Their “I” drink, for example, is made with chartreuse—a green liquor made by Grenobloise monks. Another, the “VIII,” uses Plymouth Gin, which is distilled by English friars. Chapel’s beverage director traveled throughout Europe and Mexico to personally taste-test every spirit offered. “We’re always trying to introduce new concepts,” says Wyatt.

The grand chandelier.Photo: Courtesy of Chapel Bar

To pass through the heaven-for-heathens gates, you’ll need to be either a member of creative hub NeueHouse or a patron of Fotografiska. Why? Wyatt wants Chapel Bar to be a place that “puts culture first,” he explains. “I think of community as a place you can call your own, where you walk in and know that you’re going to see familiar faces—or, if you don’t know a familiar face, that the people inside are aligned on the same sense of journey.”

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ll be going to the Chapel.

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