Maman Shares Their Famous Nutty Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Maman Shares Their Famous Nutty Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Maman, the beloved New York City bakery, didn’t set out to make their famous nutty chocolate chip cookie. In fact, as a French-inspired café, they wanted to focus on coffee and pastries more than anything else. But when co-founders Elisa Marshall and Benjamin Sormonte started tinkering with the recipe alongside former chef Armand Arnal​​ ahead of the cafe’s opening in 2014, the cookie ended up being so delicious they added it to the menu.

Two weeks later, the city was crazy over the confection.

Lines wrapped around the block. Cookies were completely gone by mid-morning, and hangry humans flooded the store. “One customer told us he drove 40 minutes to try it and was disappointed we had sold out,” Marshall recalls. As it turns out, Grub Street had written a viral article calling it one of the best cookies in New York.

Photo: Courtesy of Maman

Three years later, one very famous face agreed with them—Oprah, who put it on her “Favorite Things” list for 2017. “It was overwhelming to say the least. We were bombarded with orders pouring in from all around the country,” says Marshall, “We had to build a team of elves and find a workshop (aka kitchen space) pretty quickly, and came up with new systems, procedures… ultimately we had to build an entire new department.” Thankfully they were able to scale their sweet treat. Fast forward to 2021, and across their 11 locations, Maman makes one ton of their nutty chocolate chip cookie dough every eight days. Marshall and Sormonte have also evolved the recipe over the years—trading chocolate chips in for chocolate wafers, salted nuts for unsalted ones, and experimenting with new types of sugar.

Now, they’ve made the decision to share Maman’s famous cookie even further: by publishing the recipe in their new cookbook, Maman: The Cookbook, All Day Recipes to Warm Your Heart. Alongside 100 delectable Maman dishes, like banana lavender waffles with vanilla mascarpone, roasted delicata squash, and hazelnut and taleggio focaccia tartine, the recipe demystifies a cookie that, for so long, had people asking, how the hell do they make it gooey on the inside, crispy on the outside, and simultaneously salty, crunchy, and sweet?

To celebrate the cookbook’s September 14 release, Maman let Vogue reprint it below. (No more driving 40 minutes just to get a taste.)

Maman’s Nutty Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe


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