Marjorie Taylor Greene calls to shut down government in wild Steve Bannon interview

Marjorie Taylor Greene calls to shut down government in wild Steve Bannon interview

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has called for the US government to be shut down, in bizarre comments made during an interview with Steve Bannon.

The former political strategist to Donald Trump asked Ms Greene about the Democrat’s $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill during an interview for his War Room podcast on Thursday.

Mr Bannon asked whether House Republicans had a plan to stop Democrats from passing the bill in the forthcoming weeks, to which Ms Greene replied that she hadn’t heard of any such plan yet.

She then continued: “But I’ll tell you what I have to say, Steve: Shut it down!” she said. “Shut the government down. Who cares?”

Ms Greene went on to say that Americans shouldn’t trust the government to spend money on infrastructure.

“You can’t trust these people with your money,” she said, going on to imply that that the nation’s infrastructure could be maintained and developed by private citizens instead.

“Guess what? The American people can get it done at home without the government!” she said. “I say, put up a fight, shut it down! We shouldn’t be spending this!”

Ms Greene is well-known for making outlandish statements, and has hit headlines on many occasions for peddling conspiracy theories and spreading disinformation about Covid and vaccinations.

Last month the congresswoman was suspended from Twitter for a week after tweeting that the Food and Drug Administration “should not approve the covid vaccines” because they were “failing”.

A spokesperson for the social media platform said the tweet “was labelled in line with our Covid-19 misleading information policy. The account will be in read-only mode for a week due to repeated violations of the Twitter Rules”.

Twitter imposes a “seven-day account lock” if a user posts misinformation about Covid four times. If there’s a ‘fifth strike,’ the user is banned.

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