‘Don’t care how you feel about me as an actor’: Tillotama Shome on calling out troll who said she ‘looks like a maid’

‘Don’t care how you feel about me as an actor’: Tillotama Shome on calling out troll who said she ‘looks like a maid’

Tillotama Shome is known for her notable performances in films such as ‘Hindi Medium’, ’Raahgir’ and ‘Sir’ for which she even won the Filmfare Award. The actress, like every celebrity, is not immune to social media trolls. 

Recently, Tillotama had tweeted about a troll who called her a ‘flop actress who looks like a maid’. While speaking to Hindustan Times, the actress has now opened up on why it was imperative for her to call out the hater.  

“So, I rarely get nasty remarks, at least I’ve not seen them. This one I had to respond to, not for the ‘flop actress’ bit, but for the ‘looks like a maid’ comment,” she said, adding, “I felt this person gave me an opportunity to dialogue about our deep rooted biases around beauty, class and caste and its ugly intersections that gives birth to such casual utterances of hate and frankly stupidity.”

Tillotama, in fact, avers that she is not affected by what people say about her acting skills. “I cannot help how you feel about me as an actor and actually I don’t care. But about this I care. This was meant to be an insult, so it was easier to respond to,” she said.

On September 14, the actress took to her official Twitter handle and spoke about the troll. “A hater on social media called me a “flop actress who looks likes a maid”. Now how is that even mildly insulting, given my situation!? #dignityoflabour,” she wrote in her tweet.

Tillotama, who recently won the Best Actress award at the South Asian Film Festival for her performance in the film ‘Raahgir’ co-starring Adil Hussain, also shared how compliments are a tricky business for her. She shared, “Some compliments have been trickier. For example, ‘You played Ratna (her character in the film Sir) so well, that now I’ve the hots for my maid’ This requires a face to face for me to unpack, because its implications are too insidious and a response on social media would just not be enough.”


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