Ankita Konwar Opens Up On Trauma She Faced: ‘Abused As Child, Lost Ex-Lover’ | Watch

Ankita Konwar Opens Up On Trauma She Faced: ‘Abused As Child, Lost Ex-Lover’ | Watch

Mumbai: Milind Soman’s wife Ankita Konwar opened up on the trauma she has battled in her life. Taking to Instagram, she shared a reel-like video of herself where she is told that ‘she is wise beyond years’, to which she responds, “It’s trauma baby”, and laughs. In the caption, she mentioned that she was abused as a child, cheated by people she trusted the most, lost her ex-lover, being called names, and judged for being with the person she loves.Also Read – Ankita Konwar Performs Eloquent Yoga and Stretches in a Beautiful Backdrop of Kashmir

Her caption reads, “Abused as a child, Grew up in hostels, Lived in foreign cities alone, Cheated by people I trusted most. Lost a brother, Lost ex-lover, Lost my father. Being called names for the way I look and judged for being with the person I love. So if you see me being optimistic, just know that I am! Love yourself…” Also Read – Milind Soman Tests Negative For COVID-19 After 14-Days, Reunites With His Wife Ankita Konwar

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Milind dropped a sweet comment on her post and wrote, “You’ve come a long way, baby!”. She responded by saying, “Thanks for being the best companion!” Also Read – Actor Milind Soman Tests Coronavirus Positive

Milind and Ankita tied the knot in 2018 and was the target of online hate due to the age gap between the couple. Ankita was 26 at that time and Milind was 52.

In an interview to Humans of Bombay, Ankita had opened up about finding love with Milind while she was still coping up with the loss of ex-boyfriend. She said, “I decided to move out of the country & started working with Air Asia, as a cabin crew in Malaysia. It was at that time that my then boyfriend, suddenly passed away. It was heartbreaking–it felt like there was no coming back. A couple of months later, I got posted in Chennai. I was staying in a hotel with my colleagues. Once, in the lobby, I saw a tall, rugged man. It was Milind Soman! I was a big fan! So I went to say hello, but he was busy. A few days later, I saw him again at the hotel’s nightclub.”

They were attracted to each other at the first sight but she took her time in falling in love, while Milind convinced her that he was the man for her. She added, “But I still couldn’t bring myself to get fully involved. Until one day, I told him that because of my past, with my boyfriend, there was a part of me that couldn’t let go. To which he said, ‘When I fell in love with you, I fell in love with all of you. Even the part that carries the burden of your past. So don’t be afraid, we’re in this together.’ That’s when I knew–this was the man for me!”

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