Trump kicking off revenge tour with rally in Ohio – follow live updates

Trump kicking off revenge tour with rally in Ohio – follow live updates

Trump not considering becoming House speaker in 2022

He may have been kicked off of Twitter, but Donald Trump has been anything but quiet since leaving office. Now he’s officially returning to the campaign trail for the first of his signature, raucous rallies since leaving the White House in disgrace in January, after his supporters stormed the US Capitol.

The event will be held in the town of Wellington, Ohio, southwest of Cleveland, and will mark the start of a multi-state tour that will feature a trip to the US – Mexico border and a rally in the former president’s new home state of Florida.

At the rally, Mr Trump is expected to go after Anthony Gonzalez, one of the 10 House Republicans who voted for his second impeachment, and back his primary challenger, former White House aide Max Miller.

The former president, who has been ramping up his media presence in recent days—bashing former allies like his vice-president Mike Pence and speaking about the GOP’s upcoming elections—may also use the event to further his ambitions for a political comeback in the 2024 presidential election. Mr Trump is still immensely popular with the GOP base, and this rally is a reminder.


Donald Trump is fashionably late

Donald Trump is fashionably late to his Ohio rally.

Perhaps he’s double-checking his wardrobe. During his last major speech, it appeared he was wearing his pants backwards. One can never be too careful with trousers, apparently.

Josh Marcus27 June 2021 00:27


Congressional candidate Max Miller takes the stage

On now is Max Miller, a former White House aide who is running against US representative Anthony Gonzalez, one of the 10 House Republicans who voted for Mr Trump’s second impeachment.

Josh Marcus27 June 2021 00:12


Marjorie Taylor Greene says AOC is ‘not American’ and part of ‘jihad squad’

Marjorie Taylor Greene continued her streak of racist rhetoric and said during the Trump rally in Ohio on Saturday that US representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was “not American” and part of the “jihad squad,” her latest attack on the “Squad” of progressive legislators that includes Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, who are both Muslims.

She also modified Donald Trump’s favourite attack line on Hillary Clinton, “Lock her up!” and instead called for White House coronavirus adviser Dr Anthony Fauci to be thrown in jail.

In other words, the Trump-style far-right rhetoric, attacking critics as non-American, isn’t going anywhere, and the former president is not even on yet.

Josh Marcus27 June 2021 00:07


Crowd chants ‘Trump won!’ as Marjorie Taylor Greene addresses Trump rally

Chants of “Trump won!” broke out as far-right George representative Marjorie Taylor Greene arrived in Ohio to warm up the crowd.

She just asked the crowd, “Who’s your president?” and they resoundingly responded, “Trump! Trump!”

She also called for Joe Biden to be impeached, congresswoman Maxine Waters to be expelled from Congress, and Dr Anthony Fauci to be fired.

Josh Marcus26 June 2021 23:54


QAnon, DeSantis, and election conspiracies: Trump fans play the hits at Ohio rally

Judging by early photos of Donald Trump’s upcoming rally in Ohio, his supporters are sticking with some of their favourite lines for the event, riffing on QAnon, debunked 2020 election conspiracies, and endorsing a Donald Trump – Ron DeSantis presidential ticket for 2024.

Josh Marcus26 June 2021 23:22


Will we see more 6 January in Ohio

The Republican party has done its best to distance itself from the 6 January pro-Trump attack on the US Capitol. The latests is representative Marjorie Taylore Greene of Georgia, who dodged a question from CNN’s Jim Acosta about the heavy presence of Trump supporters at the riot.

In general, the party seems to want to put those events in the past, so Donald Trump may not comment on them at all this evening. Or he may find a way to spin things to make himself the victim of yet another perceived “witch hunt” from Democrats.

We’ll find out soon enough.

Josh Marcus26 June 2021 22:55


White House says they take Trump’s words ‘quiet seriously’ ahead of Ohio rally

We know one group who will be watching Donald Trump’s upcoming rally in Ohio: The White House.

Press secretary Jenn Psaki said earlier this week that in the White House, they “take the rhetoric of the former guy, as we like to say, quiet seriously, as everyone should.”

Josh Marcus26 June 2021 22:38


Biden forced to walk back veto threat on infrastructure deal amid GOP uproar

A running joke in Washington during the Trump years was that it was always infrastructure week, with Donald Trump promising to pass bills on the relatively uncontroversial subject before inevitably changing the conversation by doing something else that hogged the media spotlight. Joe Biden is having similar troubles at the moment.

The president is walking back remarks that he wouldn’t sign the bipartisan $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill unless Congress also passed a much more contested family aide plan, following outrage from Republicans that threatened the fragile comprise.

“The bottom line is this: I gave my word to support the Infrastructure Plan, and that’s what I intend to do,” Mr Biden said in a statement on Saturday. “I intend to pursue the passage of that plan, which Democrats and Republicans agreed to on Thursday, with vigor.”

I’ve got more context on the president’s own-goal here.

Josh Marcus26 June 2021 22:02


“USA!” chants break out as massive crowd awaits Trump arrival at Ohio rally

Donald Trump isn’t slated to speak to an Ohio crowd for another three hours or so, but massive numbers of MAGA-cap wearing supporters are already waiting in the village of Wellington, where chants of “USA! USA!” broke out.

Josh Marcus26 June 2021 21:15


‘QSENT ME’: Flag-adorned Trump Train arrives in Ohio ahead of rally

In addition to his bombastic remarks, Donald Trump rallies are usually accompanied with a “Trump Train” of vehicles bearing flags and slogans. Ahead of his remarks in Ohio tonight, photos from the venue show the Trump Train is still going strong, and still attached to mass conspiracies like the Qanon movement.

Josh Marcus26 June 2021 20:52

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