Washington protesters descend on Cuban embassy, accuse Biden team of supporting communism

Washington protesters descend on Cuban embassy, accuse Biden team of supporting communism

A sea of pro-democracy supporters descended upon the Cuban Embassy in Washington, D.C., Monday afternoon to demand an end to the communist dictatorship that has isolated the island nation from the United States for most of the last 62 years.

The crowd, draped in Cuban flags and holding signs calling for freedom and liberty, chanted at the gates of the embassy on 16th Street, just blocks from the White House. 


“People are dying,” one protester told Fox News. “Multiple times Cuba has helped this country so it’s time to return the favor,” he added. 

One man wearing a shirt that read, “You’re wrong Joe, Cuba wants freedom,” told Fox News that he would tell Biden to remove the team advising him on Cuba.

“He needs to get all [of] his advisers…get them out of there, and come here and talk to these people. We really know what’s going on” the man said. “The advisers he’s got? They’re supporting communists,” he continued. 

The Washington rally came after weeks of unrest in Cuba against the communist government over food shortages, a faltering economy and a resurgence in coronavirus cases.

“It’s painful for me because I have family back there … they’re hiding right now because they don’t want to be taken,” another protester told Fox News.

President Biden, who recently called Cuba a “failed state,” has come under fire for not doing enough to push for change in the reclusive country.

“At least talk about what is happening. At least say the truth. Give a press conference and talk about it,” one protester pleaded to Biden.


As vice president, Biden and then-President Obama restored diplomatic relations with Cuba after a five-decade freeze. 

“Help us out. People are dying in Cuba and the history between Cuba and the United States, it’s from years, years ago,” another protester told Fox News.


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