Coronavirus live: Merkel says Europe and Germany ‘on thin ice’ over Delta variant; Brazil sees record daily cases

When lockdown hit, Kelli María Korducki became distracted, unfocused – and overwhelmed. But there are ways to recover …

Beginning in the spring of last year, with the first lockdown, I’d often get distracted and overwhelmed, then lose the plot of my task – a common Covid-era affliction. (The simple act of folding laundry became a slapstick-worthy fiasco.) But now I was fully vaccinated, making plans, and even socializing indoors again. Life was starting to appear almost, well, normal. I felt good. Why had my brain missed the memo – and could I get my trusty pre-pandemic brain back?

A police investigation in Australia into the limousine driver who sparked Sydney’s current Covid outbreak has expanded to include the company that employed him to drive international aircrews to and from Sydney airport.

Questions are also being asked about whether a loophole in public health orders in New South Wales meant the driver was not required to wear a mask while working.

As the state’s coronavirus outbreak grew to 48 cases on Thursday, the NSW deputy police commissioner, Gary Worboys, told reporters that an investigation into the coronavirus outbreak was not contained to the man in his 60s, whose positive result on 16 June started the cluster.

“That investigation continues, as we think more about the offences that may have been committed,” Worboys said.

Read more of Michael McGowan’s report here: Police probe into Sydney limousine driver expanded as health minister seeks tougher mask rules

Merkel: Europe and Germany ‘on thin ice’ over Delta variant

Russia reports 20,182 cases – highest daily total since late January

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