Vetements Is Launching a Secret Project: Here’s All the Details

Vetements Is Launching a Secret Project: Here’s All the Details

We are mentoring these people, giving technical development and production management, and doing the whole production management. We’re giving financial, supply chain, and distribution support. The important thing is it’s not going to be a part of Vetements. It is not going to be the same aesthetic. It’s going to be brands—for now it will be one brand—with a different name, with a completely different aesthetic, with a different casting, with different garments and garment categories. So, a completely new story.

The brand will cater to all genders, but it will still heavily be inspired by traditional men’s wear clothes and sartorial tailoring. It will be a brand without a logo, but it will be a brand that will be recognized from far away. We worked on creating something that will tell you what you’re wearing. It’s not like the stitches from Margiela, it’s a little bit more present. It will be a brand that does not exist yet, but I think is missed already. It will be a brand of tomorrow that is based on yesterday and today.”

It’s about collectives, not individuals.

GG: “It’s going to be five brands, 10 brands, as many as we can manage to find the right people for. Each brand will have an extremely recognizable aesthetic that is not the aesthetic of Vetements. It’s not sub-lines or under-lines or anything; it’s completely new and different stories. And for these stories, you need to put the right people together. It’s not just a designer who you need to have who is talented, but also the developer who is working on the collection, sometimes more than the designer and is making all the little decisions. If you look at the TV industry, at the end of the movie you will have all the credits for all the people who were involved. In fashion, it’s one person who comes out at the end of the show, and honestly, we all know it’s not true, it’s not one person. It’s many, many people who are doing it. For us, it’s more about creating aesthetics that are missing at the moment, in the industry. It’s not about one person, because the moment you create superstars, you will have the superstars bought by the conglomerates, and then this aesthetic does not exist any longer. If you want to be a star there is X Factor. If you come to fashion you really need to care about the clothes and the products that you’re making.

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