‘Just because it’s a woman everybody wants to know’ ‘The Family Man’ creator on ‘what happened in Lonavala’ question

‘Just because it’s a woman everybody wants to know’ ‘The Family Man’ creator on ‘what happened in Lonavala’ question

After the success of  ‘ The Family Man season 1’, ‘The Family man season 2’ is what fans were eagerly waiting for. A major part of the eagerness was to have an answer to the question, What happened in Lonavala between Suchi and Arvind. Viewers were hoping they would get an answer in the second season but the secret is still sealed tight.

At the Dial M For Films session organised by MAMI, Raj, DK and co-director Suparn Verma discussed the reason behind keeping the answer a mystery.

When asked DK said “We are not actually hiding anything. We are dropping hints as to what’s happening and you have a fair sense of what could have happened and what are the alternatives so we are letting them be that way. Also, at some point in the writer’s room, we decided that the audience will find out when Srikant finds out. You all get a sense of something happening. Srikant is also suspicious about what happened, but you will find out when he finds out,”

They added that such curiosity was unexpected for them Suparn, on the other hand, pointed out that season one ended with Delhi almost dying and all the audience wanted to know about was what happened in Lonavala.

“That’s symptomatic of us, right?” He said before implying how the discussion is based on sexism. “If Srikant and Saloni were alone in a room nobody would even bother to ask what Srikant did in Lonavala. Just because it’s a woman everybody wants to know.”

Suparn added, “I think that’s the question that should never be answered for as long as the show runs. Why should it be answered? Why can’t Suchi be her own woman and have her own life and privacy?”

For the unversed, In season 1, Srikant Tiwari’s wife, Suchi, goes on a trip to Lonavala Arvind. It is assumed that she either comes close to or cheats on her husband with Arvind. The second season ends with Suchi telling Srikant that there’s something she’s been wanting to share with him. The screen fades as she is about to say something.

The Family Man 2 is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.


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