Dan Levy Reviews the New Dior Men’s Collection

Dan Levy Reviews the New Dior Men’s Collection

At the Dior men’s spring 2022 presentation in Paris this weekend, David Rose was spotted in the virtual front row. Okay, fine, Dan Levy was—but in his stylish look, he could be easily mistaken for his avant-garde Schitt’s Creek character. The Canadian actor and writer tuned in virtually to take in all the fashions for fun, but he also had a job to do: Levy reviewed some of the collection exclusively for Vogue.

Taking in the latest assortment from designer Kim Jones, Levy says he was a fan of the collection’s suiting, with pants or shorts, and vibrant colors. “What I loved most about the show was the level of wearability, without ever compromising the design or aesthetic,” says Levy. “It was playful and progressive without ever being intimidating, and presented suiting in such a fresh new way. And the colors. The colors! I’ll take those sunglasses in every shade.”

Photo: Courtesy of Dior

Knowing he would be photographed for the virtual front row, Levy busted out his own statement look for the occasion. He wore a brown trench coat, trousers, and pink knit from Dior’s resort 2022 collection. “It was the first look [in the show], and it was an immediate standout when I first saw the collection,” says Levy. “The burnt browns with the dusty rose sweater was such a great color combination. Not to mention the fact that the entire look can be dismantled into the ultimate collection of wardrobe essentials: the ultimate slouchy slack, a great standalone sweater, a coat that goes with everything. The versatility of it all!” 

Levy could easily see himself wearing many of the new Dior pieces this summer, though his plans for the next few weeks are more centered around work, friends, and food. “I flew to Italy for the summer to see some friends and do some writing in the country,” he says. “Man, that sounds pretentious—I ultimately just really like carbs. That’s the real reason I’m here.”

Below, Levy reviews five of his favorite looks from the Dior show. 


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