‘They judge me’: Chahatt Khanna says ‘work offers have dried’ post her becoming a mother

‘They judge me’: Chahatt Khanna says ‘work offers have dried’ post her becoming a mother

Actress Chahatt Khanna was entangled in a brutal divorce battle with ex-husband Farhan Mirza because of mental and sexual abuse. Leaving her as a single mother of two daughters, Zohar and Amaira, she has been trying to raise them with very little support.

Chahatt recently took to her Twitter account and voiced her opinion about how motherhood is being misunderstood.

She Tweeted, ‘Motherhood is being misunderstood. I am a single mother and raising two kids with little help and even little money, they judge me that I might not be left with the same calibre that I once was but motherhood gets you to be 2x and sometimes more of what you can be…’

She continued in another tweet, ‘because you are working for your kids and their future. The work offers has dried but I am not a lesser person or an actor. I am stronger, fitter and better in each aspect. Bring it on’.

In an old interview with Hindustan Times, Chahatt said, I was also thinking about sharing on social media that I’m back again, looking for acting work. Now people think she has a lot of money and well off and doesn’t need work. Or they think she’s busy with her kids. So, there’s this whole perception that people have about me, which is not true.”

She also mentioned that it is important for her to be there for her daughters and spend as much time with them. , Chahatt said, “I was giving a lot of time to my kids and my company and the first two or three years are very crucial. I wanted to give to my brand at that time and I didn’t have much time for acting. But now I’ve stepped into the third year of my brand and my kids have started going to school… now I have ample of time to start acting again,” she had said.

On the work front, Chahatt was last seen in Mika Singh’s music video, ‘Quarantine Love and also has been working on expanding her clothing brand ‘Ammarzo’.


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